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About Me

Certified As A:

  • Integrative Wellness Life Coach

  • Angel Healer Practitioner

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Herbalist

I am a 6th generation whitelight healer, rootworker, intuitive reader, medium, and creator. I have been walking and talking with the spirits since I was a young girl. I have always known that I was different from others, and I have "drummed to my own beat" throughout my life. I was the person that "just knew" the answer or how the situation was going to go. I was fully awakened 8 years ago to my true spiritual gifts and ancestral connection.


In 2015, while on a trip to Sedona, Arizona, I was called to a special woman that confirmed my spiritual gifts and encouraged me to develop these gifts. She knew and had received a message from my ancestors that it was time for me to follow my life purpose - to serve and help others.  This special woman became my mentor and helped me through some of my darkest moments when I was trying to understand my gifts, my purpose, and growing confidence in myself. This trip to Sedona was the beginning of something great for me. 


By 2016, I started taking courses to become certified as an Angel Practitioner Healer and Reiki Practitioner. I met some amazing people and it let me know that I was not alone on this journey.


In 2017, I focused my attention on becoming knowledgeable in being a life coach. I received my certification as an Integrative Wellness Life Coach by late summer. While taking this course, I knew this was going to be the foundation to my intuitive spiritual practice. 


With this newfound knowledge and purpose, I have been able to help others transform their lives by removing blocks that are keeping them from living their authentic self. My style is down to earth, honest, and straight-forward with a nurturing, kind, non-judgmental attitude. I feel and see things differently, and I believe that everyone has a path to Live Their True Self!

Learn How To...

  • Recognize the relationships that no longer serve your greater good.

  • Connect with the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, & Ancestors.

  • Manifest the life you want for yourself - be realistic!

  • Heal relationships so you can move forward on your journey called Life.

  • Spiritually cleanse and protect your home & self.

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