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In spiritual practices, Alcoholado 70 cologne is used for cleansing a body during passing, cleansing the aura, healing with the power of prayer and the hands. Add to bath water to help in quick recovery from colds and flues. You can use as a floor wash or to spray in the room of a sick person.Can be used to help decrease a temperature by rubbing down the body with it.

Alcoholado Florida 70 Cologne

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  • This is a 4oz plastic bottle.

    It has a very strong smell and a light, refreshing solution of grain alcohol and bay laurel leaf extract import from the Caribbean. Rub down for aching muscles. Perfect for use at sporting events. Leave Skin Residue-Free. Reduce Acne Breakouts. Perfect to combat colds, flu, bronchitis, and asthma. It is applied as rubbing alcohol on the skin in the affected region.

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