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When practitioners from Africa arrived to the Americas during the slave trade, they tried to recreate their worship/practice in a new land. A different environment made this challenging. For African healers from the western part of Africa, one of their essential tools was a whitish-yellow natural clay called mepembe or pemba. Finding themselves without pemba in the new land, the healers turned to creating the concoction they called Cascarilla.


Cascarilla is made with eggshells by removing the inner membrane that sticks to the inside of the eggshell, allowing the eggshells to dry completely. Healers would then grinded the shells into a fine powder adding water to the powder until it becomes a paste, and then putting them into little balls to dry. Today, you can fine cascarilla in many botanicas and new age shops. 


Cascarilla is great to use for uncrossing, clarifier of minds, restorer of tired auras, and repellent of evil/negative energies. Sprinkle around the outside of your home for protection or sprinkle some in your bath.


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  • Uncrossing | Clarifier | Restore | Repel

    Size: 1.5oz Plastic Tube

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