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In spiritual practices, Rose Water cologne is great for love spells and rituals of blessing and good luck. It is used for love and healing spells and rituals. It is also used in healing of the heart chakra. Rose Water cologne can also help with attraction. It also allows you to drape yourself in the sweet, romantic scent of roses, with a drop or two lasting upon the skin for hours.


If you are looking to increase your love vibration, pair a rose quarts bracelet and a few drops of rose water cologne on your neck. 

Rose Cologne

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  • This is a 4oz plastic bottle.

    The Queen of the Flowers, one of the most beautiful and praised flowers, have been valued for centuries in many cultures, and have been cultivated and hybridized worldwide. Rose Cologne is distilled from real Rose petals. Rose Water is an excellent toner after cleansing to normalize the PH of the skin. 

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