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In spiritual practices, Patchouli is most commonly used in money spells. It is said to attract eccentric people and invite lust filled attractions. Patchouli can also be used in spells to relieve a broken heart. It is a well-known aphrodisiac and is often added into lust and love spells. Patchouli is an excellent choice for grounding spiritual work. It is commonly used for magickal protection, purification, and banishing.



Touch of Love Patchouli Cologne

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  • This is a 4oz plastic bottle.

    The heavy and strong scent of patchouli has been used for centuries. It is a herb of the mint family. Patchouli is native to tropical regions of Asia has a rich, earthy and sometimes woody aroma. The leaves are rather fragrant and the patchouli extract is slightly sweet.

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